…In a patch of land within hills and the sea, known to the world for its important wines that are produced here, is located “Case Vacanze Le Scuderie”, positioned in a triangle surrounded by the Donoratico sea and the cities of Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri.

The set of houses, surrounded by nature, are only 3 km from the sea and is composed of 14 spacious apartments that have been recently renovated, and are equipped with all comforts along with a private garden.

The apartments are loacted within the farm  “Greppi Cupi” , and are surrounded by the vineyards that belong to the consortium of Bolgheri DOC, and produce two important red wines that have obtained valuable and prestigious international awards (“Decanter gold anf bronze medals”).

An old German saying, translated into english, reads: “Where wine grows, find a piece of land and plant your roots. The future will bring you peace and serenity”. This ancient saying  represents the life and choices of a special woman, Rosa Gasser.

In 1962, she stars  a farm with her father in law, near Castagneto Carducci, the farm was called Campo al Capriolo. The driving idea was to bring the Tuscan agricultural tradition to a modern sustainable economical intrest. Success is immediate, and the farm becomes a leader in the Livorno province. After a short stop for family reasons, Rosa will go back and continue the farming venture. However this time it will be with the farm Greppi Cupi. Straight away, she will decide to adopt a method that sustains the enviroment based on the principles of organic farming.

A decision based on the idea of wine and oil as messangers of history, culture and tradition of the territory of production.

At the beginning of the 90’s Rosa Gasser decides that it is time to become visible in the market. This is how two great wines are born il Rubino dei Greppi (Bolgheri Superior) and the Greppi Cupi Rosso (Bolgheri Red) and the Extravirgin Olive Oil superior Greppi Cuppi. Rubino dei Greppi 2000 was awarded a gold medal by Decanter in London and Greppi Cupi Rosso 2003 was given a bronze medal with a special mention. The oil, on the other hand, obtained the I.G.P (Geographical Protected Indication) of Tuscany and also obtained the mark of: “Consorzio di tutela e promozione dell’olio Extravergine  di Oliva di Castagneto Carducci”.

To respect and cultivate with love the plants is enough, Nature will provide good fruits to produce good oil and wine.This is what Rosa Grasser has always known and pursued throughout her carrier.